Help Grower Customers Access the Carbon Market

Agency Root is partnering with Carbon by Indigo to enable a  product to their grower customers. By enrolling in Carbon by Indigo and making an eligible practice change, growers can create a new income stream for their farm by generating and selling carbon credits.

Agencies are well positioned to help growers access the carbon market and create a new revenue stream for your business. With your knowledge of your customers’ farm operations and AgencyRoot's innovative suite of tools, your agency can help farmers enroll and provide the farm documentation needed to generate carbon credits.

Interested in partnering with Carbon by Indigo? Get in touch with us to learn more!

How it works

Enroll in Carbon by Indigo

Introduce your grower customers to Carbon by Indigo, review the benefits of the program, and help them enroll in the program. There’s no cost or commitment to enroll.

Make a Practice Change

Farmers decide which qualifying practice changes to make on their farm and how many acres to implement the changes on.

File Farm Documentation

After harvest, agencies help their grower customers to file farm documentation that is required to generate carbon credits. This includes farm documentation that is already stored in the Agency Root platform, which eases the data burden for farmers.

Generate Credits

Carbon by Indigo measures the carbon impact of the practices and issues carbon credits through a third-party registry. Indigo’s network of buyers purchases the credits and growers receive at least 75% of the credit price.

Why Partner with Carbon by Indigo?

New Market

Access a New Market

49% of growers say they have not been approached about enrolling in a carbon program and 39% have questions about how these programs work.* Carbon programs are an excellent way to meet an emerging need for your grower customers.

* - McKinsey Voice of the Farmer 2022

Farmer Focused

Putting Farmers First

Carbon by Indigo is focused on farmer choice and flexibility. There’s no cost to sign up and growers choose the qualifying practices that best fit their operation. Indigo will never ask for any carbon payments to be refunded if a grower needs to leave the program.

New Income

Creating New Income Opportunities

Growers receive at least 75% of the average price of the carbon credits generated and sold, which means when markets rise, growers benefit. In the most recent carbon crop, Carbon by Indigo paid growers $30 per credit generated and sold.

Interested in partnering with Carbon by Indigo?
Get in touch with us to learn more!

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*Terms, conditions, limitations and eligibility requirements apply. Indigo and Agency Root are independent parties; neither party is an agent or legal partner or
joint venturer of the other. Indigo does not guarantee any minimum results, payment amounts or future market prices of carbon credits.
Program payments are subject to multi-year vesting and continued compliance with Program terms. Payment on a performance basis only- based on the number of carbon credits
actually generated and sold from enrolled land. See program agreement for details.