How will AgencyRoot help your agency?

AgencyRoot takes your existing processes and transforms them into effective, efficient, and easy routines. Upload all of your documents to the AgencyRoot cloud for easy access at any time. Keep track of all the important data your agency has in one place. Work in sync with your team from any location.

Let us show you how we work to take your agency to the next level.

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Document Management

Store all your documents in one place, on the cloud. Share and sign with our eSignatures.

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Collaboration Tools

Work together with your agency team. Build up shared processes and routines.

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Policy Details

Access policy data and details to use across our entire system.

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AgencyRoot Mobile

Our mobile app, included with every AgencyRoot subscription.

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Upload and access documents anywhere, anytime

AgencyRoot provides an all-inclusive document system to your agency as part of your subscription. Our system allows you to easily manage your documents, and allows your team full control over every document in the system.

Cloud storage

All documents on AgencyRoot are uploaded to the cloud. This means you can securely access them from anywhere, on any computer, at any time.

Digital signatures

Send out documents via email to receive legally-binding signatures anywhere, to anyone. Say goodbye to your digital signature subscriptions.

Process management

Keep track of where your documents are at with our document statuses. Statuses change automatically based on who has signed them and when.

Our tools enable and emphasize agency collaboration


Develop efficient, agency-wide routines

Think of workflows as a checklist, except a checklist that you can apply across your agency to any of your contacts, entities, or policies. Workflows can be completed as a team effort, by anyone with access. Track important information on a seasonal basis.

Communications Log

Stay on top of the latest interactions with your customers

No matter who makes the call, you can be sure that you will have the latest information with our communications log system. Anyone with access to a customer can add notes and important details to the log to make certain that everyone is in the loop. Track personal details, notes on a farm or ranch, and anything in between.


Monitor personal and team progress

Assign tasks to yourself and your team to make sure the job gets done. Monitor your agency's progress from a single dashboard.

AgencyRoot enables you to empower your customers and understand their policies

We receive policies from any AIP

No matter what customer, no matter what AIP, you can upload and view any policy to AgencyRoot. Our system works seamlessly whether you work with one AIP or all of them.

Manage every policy in one place

Using our policy dashboard, we help you to sort and make sense out of all of your customers' policies. Look back at historical policy data from different reinsurance years.

View policy details in a logical and clean way

AgencyRoot helps you to take control and manage your policies just how you want to. View coverage details, attach documents, take down notes, and even assign AgencyRoot Workflows to certain policies.

Take AgencyRoot with you on the go with our mobile app

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Tasks are synced to your iOS Reminders app to help you efficiently run your day

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Access all of your contacts' information faster than ever before

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Record all of your interactions from the convenience of your phone

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