AgencyRoot’s APIs Power Your Development

Our well-documented API’s offer developers extraordinary efficiency in getting NOAA, RMA, and Crop Insurance data into your app. We have full documentation available for each API call. Each request is fully validated and will return a proper HTTP response with details if there are any required fields missing, invalid data, etc., custom to each API module.

AgencyRoot’s API Modules


GraphQL for Crop Insurance Policy Data

  • MPCI
  • Crop-Hail & Named Peril

Quote API

REST Premium & Indemnity Calculation Engine

  • MPCI
  • Livestock & Dairy
  • Allows multiple plans, coverage levels, unit structures per scenario
  • Allows multiple scenarios in one call

Weather API

NOAA 0.25 x 0.25 Gridded CPC Rainfall

  • Used for Rainfall Index crop insurance estimates

RMA Data API Detail

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Actuarial Data Master (ADM)

Provides the actuarial data needed for US federal crop insurance. Examples include rates, insurance availability by location, etc.

Insurance Control Elements (ICE)

Provides the controls needed to validate inputs related to US federal crop insurance.

Quote API Detail

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Combo Plans

Yield Protection (01), Revenue Protection (02), Revenue Protection w/ Harvest Price Exclusion (03)


Add SCO (31, 32, 33) and ECO (87, 88, 89) as extra parameters to combo plan quoting.

Area Plans

Area Yield Protection (04), Area Revenue Protection (05), Area Revenue Protection w/ Harvest Price Exclusion (06)

Margin Protection

Margin Protection (16) and Margin Protection with Harvest Price Option (17)

Livestock Coverage

Livestock Risk Protection (82), Livestock Gross Margin (82), Dairy Revenue Protection (83)

Rainfall Index

Quotes for Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage, Annual Forage, and Apiculture

Weather API

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NOAA CPC Grid Data

The NOAA Climate Prediction Center’s gridded rainfall data used for the Rainfall Index plan of insurance. Available in Daily or Monthly formats from 1948-present.

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