From: Illinois Crop Insurance Agent
To: Agents and Coworkers

How our agency can benefit from utilizing AgencyRoot

Over the years as I’ve met with 100’s of agents I’ve heard many concerns and issues revolving around agency management, processing, dealing with multiple AIP’s systems etc.

Agents have tried using many different agency management systems from P&C platforms like AMS to attempting custom builds with Salesforce. We’ve been very fortunate over the past 2 years that AgencyRoot was introduced to the market.

The question agents ask is; how can I use AgencyRoot to help me improve my efficiency and what other benefits are derived from using it?

How can AgencyRoot benefit you as an agent? As an agency a centralized management system is very important for multiple reasons, but what I see as the most important is for documentation and legal protection. One area many agents struggle with are keeping good notes protecting themselves. The expectation we have inside my agency is that every phone call, and meeting has notes entered into AgencyRoot. The reason for this is so all involved parties have easy access to see what is needed, promised, or discussed. This is important to protect both yourself and the agency from Errors and Omissions issues. If a customer makes a claim against an agent/agency and there are no notes from the conversation with a date the agent/agency will be liable. However, if there are notes with a time stamp the notes will hold up in court or in any arbitration process protecting both the agent/agency from an incorrect customer claim.

Illinois Crop Insurance Agent